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Why We Create features candid conversations with creatives about what they love.

I'm continually drawn to people who do what they want on their terms. People who make their own rules; who don't wait for others to give them permission. The mission of Why We Create is embodied in the reasons why those featured in these films tirelessly chase what they love.

The creative journey is a long, sometimes lonely path. But why? We're all doing similar things across film and photography and design. Why shouldn't we discuss the challenges and accomplishments along the way? Sometimes, making the world feel a little bit smaller is a good thing. So, with my camera in the passenger seat, I hopped in my car and found creative people interested in sharing a bit of their story. I shot each of these films by myself. Something good doesn't have to be something complicated.

Why We Create is an extension of two of my previous projects, Portrait and Built in Cbus. It's an outlet to tell the stories that don't normally get shared. To pass along wisdom. And most importantly, to remind everyone that we're all in this together.



Allie & Adam Lehman

The Wonder Jam


"The instant we forget how fortunate we are to live in time when we get to do this stuff, you get no fun to be around."

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"It's all about the process; all about looking at what are other people doing right now that's blowing my mind, making me feel something."

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Tyler Deeb

Misc. Goods Co.


"So many variables are outside of your control. I've come to peace with decisions. You can only make the best decision based on what's available to you at that moment."

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