Vimeo Festival and Awards

This is a big deal.

Vimeo announced today that they will be hosting a Festival and Awards show this Fall. 

Blake Whitman of Vimeo writes,

The Vimeo Festival and Awards will be a celebration of the best original and creative video that has premiered online. Our goal is to reward the individual creators behind online video and acknowledge the internet as a quality medium of expression and distribution.

He goes on to say that the festival is open to anyone who has premiered their work online, not just through Vimeo, and the best of the best will be showcased and honored.

I can’t wait for this. It’s a huge step for continuing to give power to the little guy. First the 5D Mark II, then the 7D, and finally the Rebel T2i — the barrier to entry is minimal to create wonderful films, sketches, shorts, and other video work. Those with talent will continue to rise to the top, and an event like this will only help increase credibility and awareness for the great artists that exist and share their work online.

Bravo, Vimeo.