A future to believe in

The Democratic Party needs energetic leadership that looks forward, not backward. No more tired slogans like "progressives who get things done" - it didn't work for Hillary Clinton and it won't work for Tom Perez. Barack Obama did not run on pragmatism.

Keith Ellison can move the Democratic party forward.

There's tremendous energy in the movement right now, especially with young people who identify as both Democrats and Independents. And possibly some Republicans who may be looking for a better way. You need to speak to this generation in the way we want to be spoken to by building a grassroots movement through social media and local organizing. You need to understand, specifically, who you want to speak to and where - then develop a plan to reach those people. You need to recognize that institutional racism and sexism are at the heart of the largest issues we face today, from income inequality, to worker's rights, to criminal justice reform, and more. Do not take votes from people of color or women for granted. Many women have already shown they'll come out for Trump when it's time at the ballot box.

And realize that simply being "better than Trump" is not a strategy.

Raise up new voices in the party, new voices in the movement, and represent the underrepresented.

Now's your chance.

Andy Newman