Ant's Got It

Photo by Johnny Hochstetler

Photo by Johnny Hochstetler

Every so often, great people connect with you and enable you to tell an important story. This was one of those times.

Anthony Jackson was just 22 when he passed away. He was the type of person who put a smile on everyone's face and made everyone around him a better person. He volunteered his time, was always there for a friend, and even became the youngest manager ever where he worked.

In preparing for this project, I talked to a few people who knew Anthony. Friends, family, and even someone who didn't know him personally all told the same story: He was special. And he was gone way too soon.

This was simultaneously one of the most difficult and one of the easiest projects I've ever produced. Difficult because of the circumstances with which we were producing the video, but easy because everyone around Anthony and the friends and family we interviewed were so eloquent and compassionate. You can really tell the profound impact he had on so many in just 22 short years. We all just wanted to make Anthony proud.

Together with Johnny Hochstetler, Zach Frankart, Emily Long, and in partnership with HOMAGE, we produced this short video for Anthony. I hope it is able to capture just some of his spirit. 

We decided to film the piece in the style of what you might see on 30 for 30 or E:60. The Wellington School in Columbus, where Anthony played basketball in high school, generously offered the use of their gym. I wanted every shot to be thoughtful and with a purpose. People like Anthony deserve to be immortalized just like our sports heroes.

Telling stories that matter is what drives me every day. It's an honor to be a part of preserving another little piece of Anthony.

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Andy Newman