Life can change in an instant, and even when that’s a good thing, it still flips everything on its head.

I wanted to shoot a feature film by the end of summer because I was tired of talking and waiting. The idea that you need to ask permission to follow your dreams is put in place by those with control. The truth is - people who do great work don’t always ask for permission, and often break some rules in the process.

But then a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came along, and we just couldn’t say no. We’re moving to Los Angeles.

It’s fitting that I started out the first post about The Lost Detective by writing, “The end of an old idea and the start of a new idea,” as that’s what is happening, again.

So what’s next? The Lost Detective will be a short film. For now. I wrote the script with Columbus’ resources (and constraints) in mind. For example, in Columbus, you don’t need a permit to film in any public space with a group smaller than 10 people. That’s not gonna happen in Los Angeles. So those simple constraints to make a film on the cheap would actually cause the film to be really expensive to make in another city.

Filmmaking is creative problem-solving. This is just another change of course I didn’t expect. But we’ll make a film. And early next year, once I’m settled in sunny Southern California, away from the cold winters of Central Ohio, I’ll figure out what’s next.