Thoughts on the creative process

Or: Why I Learned to Love the Details

Everything I do is about connecting real people and real moments from the offline world to the online world. I am fascinated with the process of creative arts. But I believe that process should be demystified.

I'm making a documentary on photography that will break down the creative process, while giving you an all-access look into the life of three professional photographers.

Join me?

The documentary is a look into the question: "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart?"

I know that's a ridiculous question, but there are photographers and filmmakers that believe better equipment will make them better at what they do.

As I was sharing my project on Twitter, I connected with Francis Dierick, who replied:

"My two cents: what sets apart the artist from the instagrammer is a love for the *process* rather than the result."

He also has a blog post titled Preserve the Process that, at it's core, is really about what I aim to explore. With my video work, I'm simply capturing what's around me. But it's this way of looking at things, this perspective and process that I continue to devleop that allows me to notice things other people are too busy to see. And when I get to have these brief moments of connection with real people, sharing moments that they missed, or didn't get to experience, or experienced from a different perspective, that's why I do what I do.

With this documentary, if funding is successful and I get to make the film, I hope to capture that process. I want to break down what three successful and passionate photographers are doing that sets their work apart. And by placing a supreme value on this process, I believe we can all learn something together. If this is successful, I'm not stopping at photography. Who's with me?

Portrait is now funding on Kickstarter, but can only be made if the goal of $12,000 is reached by Friday, May 4 at 10pm. You should support Portrait on Kickstarter here.