No short film has touched me as much as Gustav Johansson's EVERYDAY.

I've come back to this short over and over this past year. It's a reminder of so many things to me: To be present, to enjoy what life has given you, but also to not waste time and to tirelessly chase the things you want. 

To my surprise, sometime last year I came across a post on Instagram featuring a picture with the EVERYDAY poster hung on the wall. I asked the person where they purchased it, but never got an answer.

Thankfully, I decided to check and see who did the title design for the short, in hopes that they were also selling the print. It turned out to be work from a fantastic designer based in Stockholm, Sweden by the name of Albin HolmqvistI couldn't buy a print fast enough.

After receiving my package, complete with Swedish stamps on the poster tube, I purchased a custom frame from Frames By Mail because this didn't just deserve any old frame. It's not hanging on my wall at the moment because we'll be moving soon, but it'll be prominently displayed in our new place as a reminder to value everyday.


Andy Newman