House of cards

Planning to make a film feels like running around a table while simultaneously trying to build a house of cards. The only difference is - you know it can be done. Especially when you’ve done it before. And then you start wondering if the other film projects felt this way, and like having a child, you’ve subconsciously blocked all the hard parts out.

There’s never enough time. No matter the list of tasks, if you have two days, it will take two days. If you have one day, you’ll make it work. Or maybe it won’t. That’s the beautiful and terrifying thing about creative work. You never know if that idea in your head will translate, if your skills match your vision, or if anyone will care.

But you do it anyway. Because you’re compelled to do it. Because you feel like you have no other option but to try to be creative.

This project (like all of them) has seen its fair share of changes. People dropping off the face of the earth unexpectedly. Schedules not matching up. But when I set out to make something, that’s just what I do. 

I’ve rewritten the original script into an 11-page short. The chaotic past month considered, I’m really happy with what I have and the team we have behind it. They’ve stuck with it so far, and that means I will, too. That’s the great thing about a team, really - they get out and help push the car when you’ve run out of gas.