Life after Sundance

Kat Candler, director of Hellion, on life after Sundance:

I do want to emphasize that this wasn’t an overnight success. I’ve been making movies, for well over a decade … shorts, features, music videos, commercials and I’ve been writing lots and lots of scripts. I submitted to Sundance more than I can count on two hands and have gotten rejected almost all those times. But then one day after years and years of honing my craft, taking risks, learning and growing and sticking to my guns, I got in. And yes, it changed my life. And yes, even after having three films play at Sundance, I can’t sit back, relax and wait for the opportunities to roll in. Instead, I still have to get in the ring, put my little gloves on and fight for my life.

Another important reminder that what seems like an overnight success is usually years in the making.

Andy Newman