Making the cut

I used to make at least one short film a year. A combination living in California and having two kids has slowed things to a halt over the last year and a half. You might be thinking, "What are you saying? You live in Los Angeles and it's harder to make movies?!" Yep, pretty much. Out here, things are much more structured. On one hand, that's good. Because there are so many talented people here, you have an endless supply of collaborators and potential opportunity. But it also means, for most projects, you have to deal with things like permits and a whole bunch of other logistics that make it really tough to make little movies for fun with some friends.

Anyway, that all changes now. 

I'm going to make two short films by the end of the year. Think of the second film as making up for last year. And I'm going to be able to pursue these projects thanks to Big Cartel's Art Grant. They help with funding (and making me feel a sense of accountability), and I get to focus on the art. Yeah, it is as great as it sounds.

I'm going to produce and direct a narrative short. I'm pretty much set on a script, written by an old friend from Ohio, and I'll have more info to share soon. It's unlike anything I've done before, so that has me really excited.

Alongside that, I'm going to make a short documentary. Using only my iPhone. I want to shoot this as a reminder that something great doesn't need all the most expensive gear, a large crew, or tons of resources. Sean Dunne's TRUMP RALLY reignited that fire in me to make  a lot with a little. Sean Baker's Tangerine and Park Chan-wook's Night Fishing are two narrative films shot on iPhone that also inspired me to go after this idea (although those two had budgets in the six figures).

Initially, my plan is to do pre-production, production, and post at the same time for both films. I think it'll be an interesting way to contrast the two approaches, and to see what I get out of each. It may turn out too difficult to plan and execute two projects at the same time, so I may realize that was a terrible idea and change it up. Either way, I'll finish both films by the end of 2016. Promise.

I'll be sharing thoughts, pictures, and more here as the projects develop.

Andy Newmanmaking the cut