Preparing to make a movie

Once you get past the fun stuff like writing a story, designing a poster, and setting up a website, the real work hits: I’m trying to make a movie. And unless that movie involves one person sitting in a room talking to the wall for 90 minutes, working with a lot of people is required.

You quickly turn from writer/director to casting director to scheduling manager to what sometimes feels like production intern. If you don’t know how to work a spreadsheet, you’ll learn. You have no choice.

These are the tasks that you want to put off, but these are the tasks that movies are made of… and it’s why surrounding yourself with passionate, determined, and fun people is so important.

If I stop now, I’ll remain a short filmmaker with some freelance work to my name. If I keep my head down in the spreadsheets and email for a few more weeks, we may just get this camera rolling.