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I'm starting to wonder if I can manage to read 100 books this year. At the same time, I definitely don't want to set that "goal" because I know I'll be doomed to fail if I do.

April, 2015

Becoming Steve Jobs (Brent Schlender & Rick Tetzeli) - Overall, this is a good book with interesting untold stories. It actually develops Steve Jobs as a complete person. It's not perfect, and some of the shots it takes at Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs seem unnecessary. But, it doesn't need to be perfect.

Man v. Nature (Diane Cook) - A couple of the later short stories didn't hold my interest as much as the early stories, but I still maintain this book is an instant favorite.

Helvetica, Objectified, Urbanized: The Complete Interviews (Gary Hustwit) - This is a huge book - encyclopedia, really - that I backed on Kickstarter. It contains long and detailed interview transcripts with the people featured in Hustwit's documentary films. I've started reading the Jony Ive interview, and while I'll read this book in bits and pieces over time, I doubt I'll ever finish it.

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