Recommended Freelancers in Columbus, Ohio

As a freelancer, your network of trusted resources is your lifeline. Almost all of my work comes from referrals or collaboration, and they always turn out to be the best jobs, learning opportunities, and overall great experiences.

My area of expertise is video production, and although I have some experience with web design, writing, and know my way around Photoshop, I would never try to find work in those areas. Or, in the case of video work, sometimes I am unavailable or already booked, and I get asked for a referral.

elow is a list of people I trust to do a great job, whether you need a video, a website, photography, graphic design, or styling. For now, I'll stick to people in Columbus, but if you need recommendations in Chicago, New York City, or Seattle, send me an email and I'll see how I can help.

If I'm ever not available or you need something outside of my field, here are the people I trust:


Zach Frankart – Zach has been one of my closest friends for a long time. Many of the videos on my site could not have happened without his help. He's also been the other primary force behind Built in Cbus, a project I started about a year ago. We create videos about people, businesses, and everything in between in Columbus. 

Leigh Zeidner – I've only known Leigh for a short time, but I am extremely impressed by her quality of work. I recently had the chance to (briefly) work with her on a project, and she was fast, efficient, and a huge help.


Tim Cruz – Tim has been a good friend for awhile and has helped many of my visions come to life. e's the man behind the polished graphics you see on my site and Built in Cbus. He also helped launch a line of shirts for the site. Oh, and he made my amazing business cards. Ask me for one the next time you see me.

Allie Lehman – All-around, Allie is a fantastic designer. She has both web and print experience and I am consistently impressed by everything she creates. She also writes a great blog which is a must read.


Nick Fancher – Nick is an outstanding photographer and someone I've had the pleasure of collaborating with on a number of projects. He has a fine arts degree in photography and his portfolio speaks for itself. Check out Nick at work in this behind the scenes video I created for him.

Hristina Panovska – On one of my first big wedding shoots, Hristina turned out to be the couple's photographer, and my team and I couldn't have pulled off the video we did without her help. She's a great photographer but an even better person.


Erika Dellatorre – Whether you need someone to style a video or photo shoot or have other fashion-related needs, I would never work with anyone other than Erika. She's Fashion Editor for (614) Magazine and we've collaborated on more projects than I can count, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you end up needing the services of any of these great people, just remember to tell them Andy sent you!

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