Support Weekend Wonder

Weekend Wonder – A kleptomaniac in denial who recently lost her job meets a man at a hotel and their serendipitous first date leads to robbing a convenience store.

The life of a creative is one that involves a constant nagging to create your next project. There's always an obstacle – usually time or money. In my case, it's the money, which is why I'm coming to you today.

I'm trying to get my latest film project off the ground. Right now my project is 72% funded with just 32 hours to go. If we don't raise 100% by tomorrow night at 7pm, none of the money pledged will go to the film. I'll have to battle that nagging to create a little while longer rather than being able to share my storytelling and entertainment with you.

I've set up some cool rewards and you can read more about the film over on Kickstarter. For $5, you'll get your name in the credits and a free download of a song used in the film. You can get a digital download of the film, a signed print of the poster, and there are Associate Producer spots open as well. I've also set up a higher tier – for $500, you or your company will get credited as "In Association With," meaning your name will be prominently displayed in the film and on any appropriate marketing materials once the film is released and submitted to festivals. Think of it as a marketing opportunity, where you don't have to do any of the work. 

If you can't give, sharing is just as important – I really mean it. It takes reaching a lot of people to get just a few pledges, and I can't do that without you. It's not fun asking for money, but this is the only way I can have the chance to make this film right now.

Update: Successfully funded on Kickstarter on April 27, 2013. Weekend Wonder will be filmed soon and is scheduled to premiere in July 2013.

Andy Newman