The accessories

Planning is coming along for my short films, but not much new to share. For now, I thought I'd drop a quick note on the accessories I'm using for the iPhone film.

Filmic Pro - this app gives you complete control over your iPhone's camera settings, even allowing you to record at a higher resolution than the built-in camera. I kept seeing its name pop up - it seems like it's been used on anything good you've seen filmed on an iPhone - so I had to give it a try.

Moondog Labs anamorphic lens - this is another thing I kept finding every time I researched iPhone filmmaking. I considered options like the olloclip and generic add-ons, but this was the one lens that seems to improve the look and quality of the image you can capture, rather than just adding a bit of an effect or filter on top of the standard image.

RetiCAM mount - hopefully this helps a bit with stability. I don't want to have to worry about dropping my phone while filming. Impressive build quality for the price.

Amazon portable battery pack - I need to be able to film for awhile, potentially a whole day, without being stuck to charging with a wall outlet. I also picked up a 6 foot lightning cable, so the battery pack can stay in my bag and I'll be plugged in as I film.

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