The Best Brands

This post is inspired by Carolyn Kent of The Savvy Socialist. While at SXSW Interactive, she posted the following tweet as she was watching a panel:

Blows my mind: seems like almost everyone in this room believes brands & content creators are mutually exclusive.

My response to her was quickly agreeing and pointing out that the opposite was, in fact, correct. The best brands are the best content creators. Captivating and engaging an audience is not something you do overnight, and becoming a classic brand is something you do only by knocking it out of the park time and time again.

I love commercials and one day hope to direct them, and wanted to share three amazing examples of how incredible content pushes great brands forward. And I'm not just talking about the commercial, the content is everything from the actual product to the packaging to the logo.

I bet if I stopped right here and asked you to guess which brands I'm about to display, you'd get three out of three. These are brands that our grandchildren will talk about. It's all about experience, and very few know how to create an experience on this level.