The finish line, sort of

My latest short film, Easy, Over Eggs, is done. I'm really proud of it and the work our team did. It's the type of project where - when you know where to look - you can see how each person made it better, made it their own. 

I don't quite know what's next for the film - I want to enter it into some film festivals, which is something I've never really been interested in previously. Part of the reason I've never been interested in festivals is because of the timeline. My film, which is finished today, needs to be submitted to some festivals in the next week or two. Festivals that won't screen until May 2017. It's ridiculous. But it's how things work, and I want to give our little movie the best possible stage, and getting it in front of a live audience would be special. So, I don't know when the film will go online. It might be awhile. But it's done, and I'm proud.

As for the other part of this project - a second film, this one shot on my phone - it's still on my mind, and still something I plan to do. Will I hit my goal of finishing it by the end of the year? I hope so. Either way, what this project taught me was that I can still do this. Even though my last big film project was in 2014, I haven't lost it. It's hard and there's a lot of long nights. But as long as I put in the effort, take it one day at a time, and don't rush things, I can reach the finish line.

Andy Newmanmaking the cut