So, you want a video for your business?

Let's talk about purpose. The purpose of making a video for your business.

A lot of small business owners would like to make a video. It's engaging. It's more than static photos or text. And video is huge. People are consuming more now than ever before.

Here's how people think: I want something simple. Just our president/CEO/me on camera telling everyone why we're unique.

Here's why that stinks: Of course you're the best at what you do. If you weren't, I probably wouldn't be looking at your website right now. No one is going to say, "We're pretty ok, sometimes we screw up, but we're doing our best to get better! Come work with us!" And because everyone says the same thing, all the videos look the same. Cookie cutter.

People care about stories.

Not every video is going to go viral, but the purpose should be the same: For people to watch, learn, and be entertained. You can't have only two of the three for a truly successful project.

I want to care about the people behind your business. The struggles of getting started. The work you put into becoming a nationwide success. The process that your people work at perfecting every day.

Show me something I haven't seen. Tell me a story I haven't heard.

It may not get a million views on YouTube, but it'll get people to watch past the first 10 seconds. It will allow people to get to know you.

And maybe, just maybe, once they find out about your story, they'll care to support you.

Do you think this video would have over 107,000 views if the direction was as follows? "Sit Nick on camera and have him tell people why JackThreads is unique."

Andy Newman