Hi, Envoy 👋🏽


I'm Andy Newman, a jack of all trades (writer, filmmaker, and editor are a few of the hats I've worn) who wants to join your team as Content Strategist. 

Here's why...

I believe there's a tremendous opportunity to redefine what content marketing looks like, and Envoy strikes me as a company that's not afraid to lead the way. Over the last 10 years, everyone's been running in circles to cover every social network, while spinning up endless piles of content to throw at the wall. Instead of focusing on the most content, I believe in focusing on the right content, inspired by the likes of Apple, Nike, and Square.

The right content marketing involves projects that inspire and educate people, helping them fall in love with your product and service. The right content is accessible, inclusive, and fresh. The right content, for the next 10 years, looks different than what we've been given lately. I'd love to talk to you about some of my ideas.

I know how to grow products, projects, and people, responsibly and with empathy.

I'd love to help Envoy do that.

Most recently...

For the last four years I've been at Big Cartel, where my role has evolved from technical support to content strategy. I've developed and launched a number of content and marketing projects, most often as no more than a team of two - in-depth help guides, a completely redesigned blog, a zine, videos, an online pizza party, and various social media projects to name a few.

In my spare time, I write. Over the last few years, I've been published by The Atlantic, USA Today, Quartz, Splinter, The Millions, and Headspace among others. I find it incredibly rewarding to dive deep on a subject to learn, interpret, and share my thoughts. Most of my writing centers on art, technology, and diversity. Working with top-tier editors at these publications has helped me grow tremendously, and I bring that experience back to my content strategy work.

Before that...

I developed, directed, and produced award-winning short films, videos, and commercials for clients ranging from The United States Olympic Committee to Vox Media. I've directed and edited my own short films including Portrait and Why We Create. You may have seen my work on DesignTAXI, CreativeLive, or featured by Instagram.

I also wrote the book on creative freelancing. Like my short films, I gave it away for free - that's a big theme with my creative work, because I believe sharing knowledge is the least we can give back when we have some success. And it's a surefire way to gain like-minded allies in life and in business.


I worked at Apple for almost five years and piloted a new retail position that was later launched worldwide. I was also a mentor, which was a position that trained new retail employees and served as an ongoing resource for team growth.

Why Envoy...

It's not often you see a company tackling a complex area with new ideas. Many people and companies are too satisfied staying with broken, frustrating, convoluted systems because it "works" - but they don't realize how much time, energy, and creativity they're wasting by using tools that aren't good enough.

The real opportunity that I see is how much Envoy democratizes the office management process. I recently wrote about Grace Hopper creating the first compiler, noting: 

She understood that regular users comprehending software would bring computing to new heights. That’s why she focused her efforts on things like writing the first compiler - which made it easier for computer hardware to understand the instructions of its software - allowing programmers to focus less on repetitive tasks and more on the creative work computers enabled.

And it strikes me that Envoy is on track to do that with the logistics of running a business. By making the complex and frustrating into something simple and delightful, Envoy opens up a world of possiblity for what can be created next. 

I'm highly motivated, experienced with technology and software, and a sucker for great product design. I'm extremely impressed by the fact that you consider content strategy part of design, rather than a subsection of marketing or community or support, where the voice of your user and communicating to your user can get lost day-to-day duties of the role. How and where we communicate with users is as important as many other design choices, like what a color subtly communicates or how they move through your signup flow. To have a seat at that table is not a responsibility I'd take lightly.

It's an understatement to say Envoy aligns with my interests and goals for growth. I'd love to do my part in helping grow the product and company. Let's talk soon.


P.S. I applied for the role through your site, but here's a copy of my résumé and my Linkedin profile, if you're into that kind of thing.