Making two films at once

Trying to make two films at roughly the same time has been an interesting experiment. Especially because they're both so different - one is a short narrative film, the other is a short documentary - it can be a nice change of pace to hop back and forth between the two projects.

That said, as one project gets closer to production (the narrative film), it's definitely taking a front seat, and will likely be my primary focus for the next few weeks. If all goes well, we'll be filming in early May. Then, back to planning the documentary.

An update, without any updates

If there's one thing I've learned about making movies, it's this: Things move slowly, until they don't.

That's why being prepared is so important. You make a detailed plan, but you're ready to scrap parts of it at a moment's notice. That's the way it goes. And it's good, because in those moments after throwing away your perfect plan is where you find magic. It's finding that perfect location as you walk away from the location you got booted from. It's getting the perfect take when you say, "That was great, let's try it just one more time for fun."

Moviemaking is that, over and over.

I'll have news soon. Until then, I've started a YouTube channel. You should subscribe. I'm going to be sharing some new work there, and maybe remix some old stuff and put it up. And I'm going to make home movies, because sometimes it's great to go back to a time when you don't have any plan at all, and you just see what works.

The accessories

Planning is coming along for my short films, but not much new to share. For now, I thought I'd drop a quick note on the accessories I'm using for the iPhone film.

Filmic Pro - this app gives you complete control over your iPhone's camera settings, even allowing you to record at a higher resolution than the built-in camera. I kept seeing its name pop up - it seems like it's been used on anything good you've seen filmed on an iPhone - so I had to give it a try.

Moondog Labs anamorphic lens - this is another thing I kept finding every time I researched iPhone filmmaking. I considered options like the olloclip and generic add-ons, but this was the one lens that seems to improve the look and quality of the image you can capture, rather than just adding a bit of an effect or filter on top of the standard image.

RetiCAM mount - hopefully this helps a bit with stability. I don't want to have to worry about dropping my phone while filming. Impressive build quality for the price.

Amazon portable battery pack - I need to be able to film for awhile, potentially a whole day, without being stuck to charging with a wall outlet. I also picked up a 6 foot lightning cable, so the battery pack can stay in my bag and I'll be plugged in as I film.