Andy Newman is the editor of Big Cartel's Workshop. He also writes and makes films.



He's written on art, technology, and diversity for The AtlanticUSA TodaySplinter, The Millions, Workshop, and others.


His short films include PortraitWhy We Create, and Easy, Over Eggs. He's shot for clients including the United States Olympic Committee, The Ohio State University, and Vox Media.


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The Fascinating Riddle of a Sourdough Starter

Robin Sloan’s second novel about a baker’s secret weapon makes the case for culture as a kind of humane technology.

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How to Be An Artist

What is an artist, and how do you become one?

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Fiction's No Stranger

Men in power have always tried to insulate themselves from criticism and punishment.

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The Bias in Our Software

Your software is not neutral.

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Let's Stop Circling the Topic of Race

Ignoring the issue hasn't worked. Neither have calls for empathy. To improve policing, we must confront it head on.

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Turning Mindless Into Mindful

Why boredom is unbearably great.

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